Become a Trainer / Assessor

Interested in becoming an accredited Trainer or Assessor with Pat Dogs Australia?

To become an accredited trainer or assessor with PAT Dogs Australia, you will need to be an experienced dog trainer and be committed to positive reinforcement training.

An applicant is suitable to become an approved trainer if they can show they can:

  1. train reliable guide, hearing or assistance dogs that are –
    1. able to perform identifiable physical tasks and behaviours for the benefit of a person with a disability; and
    2. safe and effective in public places and public passenger vehicles; and
  2. select dogs that are able to meet the individual needs of a person with a disability and
  3. provide ongoing and regular support to the handlers of the guide, hearing or assistance dogs trained by them

In assessing an application to become a PAT Dog Trainer or Assessor, we will also consider the following –

  • public liability insurance
  • qualifications, knowledge and experience in dog training;
  • qualifications, knowledge and experience working with people with disabilities;
  • their ability to train reliable dogs
  • any professional memberships, including Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), Assistance Dogs International (ADI) or The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP)
  • any policies they have in relation to personal information, privacy and confidentiality, complaints management and record management of dog training.

Each trainer must be committed to training each dog to meet or exceed the following minimum standards provided by –

  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992 – Section 9 and
  • Queensland Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog Act 2009 and
  • Assistance Dogs International