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Therapy Dogs in Schools


Why Use Therapy Dogs In Schools?


  • Promoting Mental Health, Wellbeing And Effective Intervention Strategies Within School Communities.
  • Develop Social Skills, Re-Engaging With Onsite Learning And Understanding Boundaries And Consent.
  • Support For All Students, From Foundation To Year 12 And Undergraduate University Courses.


The strategic use of therapy dogs in school settings can contribute towards improving the overall well-being of students.

Our program provides a framework for schools to incorporate meaningful opportunities for social and emotional learning that are authentic and relevant for all students.

Our specialised educators recognise that each school setting is unique and has its own set of guiding principles, philosophies and values. Pat Dogs Australia specialises in tailoring programs to suit specific needs, and our programs are designed to set students up for success.

We will spend time helping you to decide on your objectives and the type and scale of the program that will suit your school, as well as giving our advice on how to best manage a therapy dog within your school.

Pat Dogs Australia and their partners will work closely with you to explore possible applications of our Therapy Dogs in Schools program, supporting you with implementing the program in a way that best matches your school’s specific needs.

We will support you in integrating a therapy dog across your school, and/or we can bring our therapy dogs to you if that is the direction you want to pursue.


Our partners have developed our Therapy Dogs in Schools program for the successful integration of Therapy Dogs into specialised environments such as school settings. The concept originated from a literal pause to reflect on relevant theory and the key elements of success that are driving our own Therapy Dog programs across a number of settings.


We use our partners’ Therapy Dogs in Schools program as a framework to guide our school training programs. Implementing a variety of proven strategies for using a therapy dog to meet basic needs and set students up for success.

Positive Interaction

Assess, Adapt, Achieve

Working Together

Social Inclusion

How It Works

Our in-school education partners can come in with their animals and teach students and run sessions for schools or we will work with you to train a therapy dog to be used in your school.

We can provide professional development and information for teachers and the wider school community, and we can work with teachers to develop and implement suitable programs that actively promote well-being and the effective use of a therapy dog across the school community.


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