Student Welfare Program
Facilitate student wellbeing through unquie approach to social and emotional learning

We can bring our animals to you to run interactive sessions that meet the specific needs of selected individuals or small groups. More than just spending time with our lovely animals, specific goals are identified and set (with teachers and/or parents).

Ideal for all students and for students who need…
  • Social skills groups
  • Emotional regulation
  • Understanding boundaries and consent
  • Coping strategies
  • Support with recovering from a traumatic experience
  • Help to cope with a health problem or mental disorder (such as a developmental delay, emotional and/or behavioural disorder, high anxiety levels, autism spectrum disorders)
  • Mindfulness and growth mindsets

Having a set task is an important part of each session, helping participants feel a sense of achievement. It may be feeding animals, creating a piece of artwork, making a toy for an animal to play with, or assisting handlers with the training of an animal.