Dog Training Courses

Training your own assistance dog is exciting and also scary.

That’s why we can offer the support you need…

Pat Dogs Australia’s Online Training program is packed with instructional videos and downloadable PDFs, carefully crafted to guide you in training your own assistance dog. As a member, you gain access to:

  • A comprehensive, step-by-step course that guides you through the entire process of training your assistance dog.
  • A Task Training library designed to assist you in learning specific tasks beneficial for both you and your canine companion.

By becoming a member of Pat Dogs Australia, you get all these resources for a price that is less than what you’d typically pay for just one private training session with a professional each month.

A robust comprehension of canine learning processes is essential.

The art of training dogs is backed by scientific principles. Successfully training an assistance dog necessitates a profound understanding of how dogs learn, enabling you to approach training with the expertise of a professional.

Through our online dog training course, you’ll acquire the skills to think like a seasoned dog trainer and effectively implement this knowledge in training your assistance dog.

Straightforward training guides.

We furnish you with easy-to-follow instructions for dog training, accompanied by instructional videos. You’ll enjoy entry to our video library, continuously updated with new content, encompassing various aspects such as obedience, task training, and addressing common issues.

A Reliable Support System

Having a trainer and a community available to address your queries and guide you toward the ultimate objective of nurturing a dependable, trustworthy, and focused assistance dog is crucial.

As a member of PAT Dogs Australia, you gain access to valuable support and advice, not only from fellow members but also from our experienced trainers. You can share training videos for feedback and pose questions, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

What’s included:

Gain entry to the comprehensive course guiding you, step by step, through the process of training your own assistance dog from start to finish. Each lesson is gradually released to ensure ample time for focused learning. Each session comprises written instructions, video demonstrations, and downloadable PDFs—essentials for every assistance dog team.

Task Training Library: This expanding library covers general task training information and offers mini-courses for specific tasks.

The Assistance Dog Training Course is priced at $66 per month. However, it is offered free for individuals completing either our Assistance Dog accreditation program or the Canine Capacity Building Program.