Assistance Dog Education

At Pat Dogs Australia, we take an active role in running workshops and presentations that improve the overall well-being of staff and increase the awareness of assistance dogs in the community. 

Our presentations provide a unique, practical approach to raising awareness about the importance of mental health and the role of and the legal requirements of both handlers and businesses surrounding assistance dogs. 

We can design a tailored presentation for your staff to help them understand what an assistance dog is, how to recognise them, what rights they have, and what you need to do as a business to comply with your legal requirements.

We can make these presentations in person with one of our accredited assistance dogs or via video conferencing.

In addition to specific content, our sessions also bring staff together and are a great way of implementing team-building activities. These presentations and the presence of the assistance dog usually encourage interactions between staff that may not have taken place naturally. The shared experience helps employees to feel more connected, increasing the likelihood of them working together as a team in the future.

These presentations typically result in feelings of gratitude from employees. Initiatives that aim to improve workplace environments are appreciated by staff, often leading to increased feelings of job satisfaction and an increase in staff retention rates.

At the same time, any money raised helps Pat Dogs Australia raise much-needed funds to help people with mental health illness and children with autism.